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Full Time
$15+ Hourly
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Commercial Roofing Laborer

Compensation: $15.00/hr and up

Jewett Roofing Company is an award winning commercial roofing company. We are committed to providing the best employee experience and providing the best professional roofing solutions for businesses across the Front Range region. We are looking for individuals who want to grow with us, and who are passionate about their work - just like we are!

We take care of our employees, because we understand the hard work they put in. We have an amazing job benefits package including - health insurance, 401k plan, uniform pants (so our roofers don't have to wreck their laundry machines), paid holidays, paid time off and more! We also acknowledge those who go above and beyond by doing our best to promote within.

Our core values are:

  • Integrity (genuine, trustworthy, honest)
  • Strong work ethic (hard working, efficient, merit over entitlement)
  • Relationship focused (positive attitude, loyal, values the team as we value you)
  • Always do the right thing (in all situations regardless of the cost - because we will have your back!)
  • Takes initiative (self starter, problem solver, innovative)
  • Humbly confident (steady, calm and ready to learn)

Job Description:

Roofing Laborers are the entry point for a career in commercial roofing. A qualified candidate must:

-Be able to lift up to 50 lbs.

-Be ready to do hard physical labor every day.

-Be ready to climb ladders, operate basic tools and work around machinery.

-Be ready to learn the basics of the roofing industry.

-Help ensure job efficiency and safety.

-Be willing to learn new things.

Safety training will be provided as well as training in all tools used. Additionally, there will be lots of on the job training as candidates gain more and more experience with the job functions. Candidates will be expected to work hard and learn the basics of the roofing industry.

Please note that we are a drug-free company and cannot allow drug use by our employees, including medicinal and recreational marijuana.

If your core values line up with ours, and you are looking to start a career with a great company then please apply! We would love to talk with you!

A Message from the President

Jewett Roofing Company is a different kind of place to work. We’ve worked very hard to make this a place where we value the effort, input and contributions from each and every employee. We’ve tried very hard to focus on exactly what we are looking for in our team members and have come up with the following:

-Be humbly confident, steady, calm and ready to learn.

-Have genuine integrity, be trustworthy and honest.

-Have a strong work ethic by being hard working, efficient and have an attitude in which merit is more important than an expectation of entitlement.

-Be relationship-focused with a positive attitude, loyalty and have a value of team-centeredness.

-Take initiative by being a self-starter, problem solver and an innovator.

In all of these, always Do the Right Thing, at all times, in all situations, regardless of the cost.

Our purpose and passion is Boldly Invest in People and give our team the Best Employee Experience we possibly can. I hope you’ll take a long look and see if our company is a fit.


Josh Butrin, President


Job ID: 249147453

Jewett Roofing Co.
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