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Job ID: 347416680

Job Description



Provide overall on-site administrative, safety and technical management on construction project sites.  Schedule, coordinate and supervise subcontractors. 




Supervise total construction effort to ensure project is constructed in accordance with design, budget, schedules, and maintain a safe working environment.  Includes interfacing with client representatives, architect/engineer representatives, state and local authorities, other contractors, sub-contractors, material suppliers etc.


Prepare detailed project schedule in consultation with the Project Manager recognizing long lead-time items relative to the project completion requirements.


Coordinate work of different crafts, company departments, other contractors and sub-contractors.


Maintain liaison with engineering, estimating, and planning to ensure work complies with drawings, specifications, and schedule.


Maintain liaisons with other departments (i.e. Material Control, Purchasing, Quality Control, Engineering) to ensure all required materials, equipment, inspections, etc., support craft and/or contractor activities are working to meet project schedule and financial goals.


Assist project management in developing new business, implementing project procedures, working documents, standards, site specific safety program, etc.


Maintain as-built plans for all aspects of the project as work progress and turn over to Project Manager for submission to Owner.


Perform additional assignments per Director of Operations.

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