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"I not only found one, but two jobs from this site. I found my first job out of college from in which I gained some valuable experience in my field. Then I found my current job from this site. I am very happy with the response and the wide range of employers and positions which this site provides. It is truly a great source for anyone in the construction/design field to find a job."

Renzo R.

Tamarac, FL
"HireConstruction helped me begin my career with an employer I greatly enjoy working for. "

Jacob S.

Blue Springs, MO
"I joined iHire and their premium services a couple of weeks ago. I had 7 calls and 5 interviews with offers and I ended up acccepting the last offer. I am excited about my new position and can't thank iHire enough."

James M.

"Great format with comprehensive job listing for the area. Easy to track the jobs applied too. I would highly recommend. "

Jason E.

Coeur d Alene, ID
"Hello everyone at and on, I just wanted to let you know that after only 1 week looking and responding to potential employers on I found my dream job! Thank you very much."

Benard O.

Chula Vista, CA
"I landed a great job through iHire. I'm very appreciative of this REAL job search service. I had been living and working in Mexico for 10 years designing and building custom homes. We decided to move back to the US. I have a solid resume, but I was worried about landing a good position with the right company. We knew where we would be living so I contacted all the best contractors in this area, did my research on the companies, and was hired almost immediately as Construction Superintendent for the best commercial general contractor in the area. Every company I contacted made me an offer. Fantastic! Thanks iHire!"

Bill D.

Chico, CA
"What a wonderful forum for construction, having access to such a wide range of networked construction placement professionals, targeting the staffing needs directly from the labor pool world wide. I had no idea my resume would reach so many people. This site is a service one can depend on to be heard, seen, and noticed in the world market. "

Leroy E M.

Pittsburgh, PA
"I want to thank you for the expeditious method of handling my resume and getting it out to prospective employers. It is the first time that employers have been calling and asking me to come in and interview or conducting the same by telephone. It is a very fast and effective method of reaching companies."

Ted W.

Richmond, VA
"You guys have many leads. This is fantastic for someone who is looking for a job."

Oscar C.

Pomona, CA
"Your service is great. I submitted my information on Tuesday and had an interview on Thursday. An offer followed for more than I had asked for. "

Rodney R.

"Hey, this site is really easy to use. and they offer 3 options to upload the resume! All links work, and as far as I saw, the site has many jobs posted. Let's see if I get one! "

Dee A.

"Helped me find the highest paying job I've ever had with what seems to be a really great company. I will be the highest paid equipment operator on the job site thanks to the resume help and negotiation skills I learned through iHire."


Kingston, MI
"I was recently hired by a company that used your web site to post its job opening. I would like to thank every one involved in for sending me the information that I needed to land the job. This job is my dream job. Thank you so much."

Ryan S. - Superintendent Renovations

Fort Campbell, KY
"Your site is the best! I found my dream job on your site. The aspect of employers' questions is great."

Chris N.

"I just wanted to thank you for the service that you provide. Being in a new state and really not having anywhere to look for employment, I found and found the jobs that were what I was looking for, unlike other sites that send you all of the "Head Hunter" positions. Once again, thank you for your service!"

Chad B.

Sacramento, CA
"I still can't believe the number of job vacancies that have been posted to my e-mail!! During the months of April, June, and July it was in the HUNDREDS!! Thank you!!"

Sherwin S.

Sanford, ME
"Helped me to find the best employer."

Ed F.

Jacksonville, FL
"Within 1 week of signing up with iHireConstruction, I had 2 interviews with the two companies that I applied for. Out of the two, I obtained permanent employment. I have used 3 other search engines with little or no results. Thank you"

Todd H.

Deltona, FL
"I would like to thank the iHire team for a site that does most of the work for you. iHire not only connected me with matches to my job description, but close matches as well. I found the perfect job for me at this time in my life after only a few months. My advice to those of you in search of a job is to be patient. You will be given many opportunities to choose from, all you have to is weigh your options. "

Joseph M.

Sterling, VA
"I got help and ideas for updating my resume, and in the end, I landed a great job in my field. "

Amber M.

Livermore, CA
"The best site and service of its kind for those who seek employment within the industry. Thank you to the developers of this concept for your efforts and bringing this to market."

Hubert S.

Dunedin, FL
"I found a job in two days! This is the best employment website ever! Thank you so much"

Jesse M.

Lakeside, MT
"It helped me get exposure to a different market then I expected. I was working in the Oil industry and got a job working in Fabrication for the entertainment Industry."

Mike T.

Lakewood, CA
"This is the best web site to find a good job. I tried and tried to find a job on the other sites. No Luck at all ! I had a job within 36-hours . Thank you !"

Doyce M.

Lewisburg, TN
"I had posted my resume and responded to a job offer in the web site. Within 2 days, I had an interview and started my job in 2 weeks. The website is great because it connects people who are seeking a job with the employers who are actually looking for people to fulfill a position, not with employers who are just receiving resumes."

Umut K.

Gainesville, FL
"I got several interviews thanks to iHireConstruction and ultimately got a good job."

James M.

Oregon, WI
"The listing posted by the employer gave a very precise job description. My expertise was directly in line with the requirements. iHireConstruction's interface of allowing one to expand on direct requirements allowed me to stand out from the herd by presenting brief but detailed responses. I have learned how to write a competent resume, but that art requires eliminating explanations and keying to phrases and words so a headhunter can sift. The employer and I had a good way to compare professional notes because of this. This is a dream job and our feelings of mutuality have borne wonderful results. is great!"

Robert G.

Chantilly, VA
"This is a very awesome site, as I have had 100% success to date on my job placement. I was hired twice through this website and recommend it to anyone who is looking for serious employment in the construction and engineering discipline."

Vimal D.

Huntington Beach, CA
"A day after you sent my resume out I got a call from a company that was hiring. I interviewed with them and got the job!! Your service is invaluable!! Thank you so much for helping get me get a great job!"

Rob S.

New Durham, NH
"Great service, I would and will recommend your service to all friends and acquaintances. I had 12 phone calls from employers the first week and 17 the next. During those first two weeks I interviewed 6 times and was offered the job I have been waiting for. Thanks to I can now look forward to a great opportunity in the field I want. Thanks, iHire."

Kevin H.

Bellevue, WA
"I got my job. Thank you! This is an amazing site."

Gregory W.

Benson, NC
"I just want to thank you because of all the employment websites I've worked with, yours was the most effective to find just the right job for me. I'm now working and I truly appreciate your services that helped me obtain this job. "

Carlos M.

Pacifica, CA
"iHireConstruction helped me work on my resume and perfect it. I found job postings that were not available on other sites. "

Brandon G.

Spring, TX
"I had been wasting my time for 8 months. I received only 2 callbacks and no job. I signed up with you guys 2 days ago and have had 10 interested callers. I feel positive about my career again. I will not waste my time with any longer. Thank you for a well developed and working database."

Dino B.

Carbondale, IL
"iHireConstruction saved me time and effort during my job search Real Help with real people ...."

Ken S.

Central Point, OR
"IHireConstruction helped me apply to jobs that were solely in my field of choice. I did not have to sort through the alerts to verify that they were jobs that fit me."

Emily E.

Los Angeles, CA
"I am pleased to say that after 4 years of searching, I found just the right job on iHire Construction. Your diligence and persistence helped me greatly. THANK YOU, THANK YOU."

Craig W.

Sandy, UT
"Within 30 days of posting, I received info regarding a job at double my current salary. iHire sent me many job options in a short amount of time so that I could find the one that suited me best. My new job is a perfect match! I was in a dead end job with no room for advancement, now I have a great future ahead of me. Thanks iHire!"

Cam C.

"Thanks to iHireConstruction I began my new job three weeks ago and I'm loving it!!!"

Kelly B.

Charlotte, NC
" Thursday I had 6 employers call and from those 6 phone calls I had scheduled 2 interviews for the next week. On Friday I got 8 more calls, had a phone interview and scheduled another interview for next week. I have been looking for work for over a year and I paid a couple of the resume distribution services over $100.00 to send out my resume all over the country and did not get even one phone call. I used and had four interviews in the first 72 hours. I highly recommend iHireConstruction. I can only imagine the number of phone calls I would have received if I had used the paid service!!!! Thanks iHire, I have and will recommended iHire to my friends and associates. "

Glen T.

Apple Valley, MN
"I was employed as a temp on my previous job. When I received notice of my last day, I started looking for employment. I found my current job on iHireConstruction!! Thanks it really works!!"

Colleen F.

Kenosha, WI
"The job postings opened my view of new possible jobs that I should have been considering that I wasn't even thinking about before, and had me thinking outside the box. Now I've landed an awesome job. Thank you for your diverse set of job postings."

Jason H.

Huffman, TX
"This service has been outstanding. I sent my resume Saturday and by Monday I already had 5 phone calls and 4 emails from companies, not recruiters. I am not sure what else I can say, the quickness of your service is very impressive."

Nelson V.

Miami, FL
"I received a better job from the listings on this site. I received a raise, a promotion and better benefits."

Jonathan P.

Cudahy, WI
"Its easy to use and do searches, also like the fact that you can save postings and it keeps track of those jobs I have sent resume to."

Chuck G.

Liberty Hill, TX
"I accepted a job in San Rafael CA (San Francisco Area) from Louisville KY through this service. I cannot begin to express my appreciation for this service. I had worked in California prior and was very grateful for the opportunity to return. I am very satisfied with my employer and my position (and I believe they are likewise) and of course owe the introduction to"

David M.

Vallejo, CA
"The iHireConstruction site is by far the most well organized I've found. The concept of stating specific highlights critical to the hiring company is brilliant. This also helps the job seeker to address those issues which may not be easily picked out of the resume. All in all, this works to better serve both parties."

Robert F.

Gaithersburg, MD
"I have never received the kind of responses to my resume and applications with any other online job resource than I have with They have been a valuable tool in my job search. Thanks, iHire!"

Clifford S.

Santa Fe, TX
"I liked how the site narrowed down positions that I was targeting, and then "ranked" me as a candidate given my job experience and history compared to what the potential employer was looking for. This saved me time by not applying for positions where my ranking was not in line with their description."

Chuck G.

Liberty Hill, TX
"The site is easy to use and it works. Don't really need to say anything else."

Thomas Y.

Idyllwild, CA
"I want to thank the iHire site for help in finding me a job. I have used the site twice when looking for work and both instances were successful. The most recent job offer that I received was in my salary range and a reputable employer. At times you may feel that your resume with other sites has entered a black hole with no response but using iHire has lead to many live leads and success for me. Thank you iHire for being there when I needed you. "

Terry L.

Millbrae, CA