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Job ID: 317730232

Job Description

Senior Construction Estimator to bid excavation, demolition and qauantity take - off. To ensure success as a construction estimator, you should be able to translate project requirements into concrete figures with ease. A top-notch construction estimator will adhere to financial constraints without compromising on our high standards.


Construction Senior Estimator Responibilities: 

  • Management of Estimating Department
  • Budgeting for multiple construction projects, monitoring and controlling costs
  • Inspect trends in construction to determine whether your estimates are both reasonable and competitive.
  • Drafting proposals that detail envisaged materials, costs, and time frames.
  • Contract negotiation; review and markup for submittal
  • Accounting for the use of our resources, plus a reasonable profit margin to calculate an overarching price.
  • Preform quantity takeoffs (using software or by hand) (must not be dependent on software) 
  • Manage deadlines and push the team to ensure timeliness
  • Soliciting pricing from subcontractors and material suppliers
  • Follow up with client on submitted bids
  • Maintains cost data base by entering and backing up data
  • Oversee project for project duration
  • Attends meetings, field coordination.
  • Preparing and submitting and monitoring of change orders
  • Respond to questions from our field crews & clients
  • Assist various departments with information throughout the duration of the project.
  • Trackling unforeseen issues and troubleshooting

Construction Estimator Requirements:

  • Degree in civil engineering or similar.
  • Qualification in project management is highly advantageous.
  • Demonstrable experience as a construction estimator. 
  • Exceptional quantitative skills.
  • Outstanding research and proposal writing skills.
  • Ability to negotiate with seasoned Sales personnel.
  • Dependable, conscientious, and well-spoken.
  • Leader skills

Promote the success of Taylor Excavating & Construction, Inc., by:

  • Strengthening client relationships
  • Timely preparation of bid proposals
  • Timely response to clients inquiries
  • Timely follow-ups on bid proposals

Prior to applying please make sure your answers are yes to the all of the following- 

Experience with Earthwork software is necessary!

Fluent in Excel and quantity take - off

Must be able to commute to work 


Taylor Excavating & Construction, Inc.
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