NJ Construction

NJ Construction


High-end general contractor company looking for subcontractor crews for bathroom and kitchen remodeling, condo remodeling and renovation projects.
We are looking for experienced crews and crew leaders to join us in the Tampa Bay area.

We offer top pay and bonuses

The crew leaders we work with earn between $65-$105 per hour on average based on their skills and experience. Performance based compensation has no cap on how much money you can make.

What we have

- General Contractor, Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing State Licenses, Insurance
- Continuous work, scheduled plan 3 months ahead, flexibility
- Deposit at the start of each project and payments on time
- Subcontractor handbook, guidance and support throughout the project, office background
- Marketing, estimates, design, architectural plans, inspections, materials orders, and all the office background to support you and your crew, so you can focus on your work and make more money in less time,
and less administration

What you must have

- Valid driver’s license with good driving record
- Reliable Transportation (pick-up truck, van or minivan) preferably with a trailer
- Pass background check and drug screen
- Good communication skills (English)
- Minimum of 3 years of experience in full kitchen and bathroom remodeling, condo renovation works
- Basic tools and material knowledge

Purpose and Scope

The crew leader positions are responsible for making our projects come to life and to ensure all products are installed accurately, in a timely manner and to the satisfaction of our valued customers. You are responsible for all site preparation work as well as installation.
You will be directly supervising apprentice(s) or helper(s) which includes training, planning, assigning, and directing work, etc. in accordance with the company's policies and applicable laws. Subcontractor handbook and guidance are provided as well as ongoing support but you must be capable of handling complete remodeling works with your crew and execute all projects at high quality. You will need to have a crew of 2-4 people (you need to hire helpers if you don’t have).

Job knowledge and experience required:

Successful crew lead applicants must have a minimum of 3 years’ experience in full kitchen and bathroom remodeling, able to use various hand/power tools and have a working knowledge of mud setting, framing, electrical, plumbing, tile installation, cabinet installation etc. You are also allowed to subcontract parts of the work that you don’t like as much or you do not feel comfortable with.

Why work with us as a Subcontractor and start your growing your business?
- We are there if you need guidance, you can call us with any questions. We will provide handbook so you can also learn while you work. We do all the marketing and sales, so you only need to focus on your high-quality work.
- We have all the necessary licenses so you are covered under our licensed supervisors and do not have to stress about legal consequences and watch your back every time you work. Officials are out on the streets for blood and hunting for unlicensed contractors, police sets traps with fake Client to arrest unlicensed contractors. Why risk it if you can make even more while we are covering your back.
- We do not overprice projects, do not make huge profits, but we can ask more from Client’s than smaller contractors would do because we are a full-service company, licensed, bonded and insured.
- We take the administrative load off of your shoulder. The sooner you finish a project the sooner we give you the next project so the more you make. It is a win-win situation. You don’t need to spend time answering calls, deal with the city, spend thousands on marketing, deal with homeowners, permitting, legal questions, draw architectural plans, submit revisions, change orders, schedule inspections and all the other headaches that would eat up your time and profits.
- After we know each other we will give you the most suitable projects that match your skills.

If you are interested to work with us, please send us your contact details, experience, projects or companies you worked with and references to our email address or text it to 786-740-44-04. Please refer us to your highly skilled friends too. We are looking for several crew leaders and crews as we are already contracted for many projects.

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Flexible Schedules
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