Excel Paving Company

Excel Paving Company

Excel Paving Company has always specialized in placing asphalt concrete pavement. The initial focus of our founding members was to provide high quality, reliable service to the cities and customers of the Southern California area. Excel Paving has placed millions of tons of asphalt spanning an area from Ventura to Hemet and everywhere in between. Excel has performed paving projects as small as $1,000 to over $30 Million. Projects have included utility patches, parking lots, freeways, port terminals, airport runways, and city streets.

One major aspect that sets Excel Paving apart from its competitors is our ability to perform wet utility installation. Excel’s Underground Division deals with the installation of sewer, storm drain, and water systems. The installation of these utilities requires expertise specifically tailored to this kind of work. Over the years, we have dealt with nearly every city, utility company, and municipality in southern California, giving us the knowledge to complete even the most technical and challenging utility installations.

Dirt work and grading tend to go hand in hand with the paving projects Excel has been involved in. Instead of using subcontractors, we believe that self-performing as much work as possible provides more efficient solutions for our customers. Our grading operations are capable of moving huge quantities of soil and aggregate. We also employ smaller crews capable of grading small confined areas. Either way Excel is geared to provide the highest quality service for whatever needs may arise.

In order to install new construction, something typically has to get removed. Excel will demolish asphalt, concrete, roadways, retaining walls, dirt and utilities. Our demolition crews will demolish, haul, and dispose of all debris while adhering to all State and Federal regulations.

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