• Commercial Landscape Estimator - Lead ( Remote )

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  • TrueWinds Consulting LLC
  • Sedalia, Colorado

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Job Description

Join a strong team in Sedalia CO as a remote Commercial Landscape Estimator - Lead.  Work from the comfort of your home with a great team with fabulous benefits.  This will be a  W-2 role.  A brief job description follows:


  1. Create accurate quantity takeoffs, and obtain and evaluate pricing for materials, equipment and subcontractors.
  2. Prepare estimates for proposals that meet the specifications and deadlines as laid out in the RFQ or bid documents, ensuring that bids and proposals are accurate, complete and competitive, whether hard-bids or negotiated work.
  3. Assist in developing full-scale project plans and strategies.
  4. Assist PM’s and field personnel in preparing and presenting change-orders to customers, ensuring completeness and accuracy in all work, and ensuring the maximum change-order profit achievable.
  5. Assist the estimating leads with maintaining the estimate database, ensuring accurate and timely additions or changes are made, and updates are applied as needed.


  1. Work with estimating team to complete cost estimates of assigned projects by requested completion dates. Working individually or as a part of a team on a project as requested.
  2. Build cost estimates for hard bids, negotiated work, and change orders.
  3. Request and evaluate pricing for materials, equipment, and sub-contractors.
  4. Analyzes problems and makes sound decisions promptly based on objectives, risks, implications, and costs.
  5. Build good business relationships with Vendors and Clients
  6. Create written documents and/or present information to others.
  7. Maintain established estimate databases.

Must have experience in the Landscape industry! 

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