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How to Hire the Right Worker for Your Construction Job

Filling a construction job has become trickier than ever thanks to a general shortage of skilled and experienced workers. As of January 2019, 78% of contractors surveyed by Associated General Contractors of America reported having trouble filling various positions. Yet, the same tips and techniques will work for hiring the right worker for any construction job, regardless of the market or other conditions. Read our guide on hiring for construction recruiters before putting up your next job ad or reading another construction worker resume.


Focus on Specialized Job Boards

Instead of spending time and money placing ads on general job boards if you’re hiring in construction, make sure your approach is targeted to reach qualified and motivated applicants. Construction job postings often attract high rates of unqualified candidates since the industry has a reputation for offering primarily entry-level work. A project manager or foreman position that requires years of experience and licensing may still receive plenty of applications that don’t fit the requirements of the job posting. By focusing your advertising efforts on specialized job boards, you’ll get qualified applicants from day one to narrow down the search significantly.


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Expand the Job Description

Before committing to the construction industry, many new graduates or returning contractors want to know exactly what’s expected of them. Skilled workers who want to avoid certain tasks, responsibilities, or types of construction will only apply to job postings that fit all their needs. If your job description is too brief or hasn’t been updated in years, it won’t adequately reflect the position or the benefits of working for your company. Include a brief overview of essential job responsibilities as well as details about your unique company culture, workplace perks, and other compelling information.


Build a Competitive Benefits Package

Competitive pay is an obvious requirement for attracting the best construction workers, but many companies overlook benefits. Construction recruiters who can offer better healthcare coverage, paid vacation days, parental leave time, and other secondary benefits will find themselves attracting more talent than the competition. When there’s a lot of demand for a small labor pool of skilled and trained workers, you’ll need each job posting to stand out or the best applicants will simply skip over them in search of better benefits packages.


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Clarify the Company’s Mission

Many construction job postings are designed specifically to attract the younger generation by only requiring basic business or construction management degrees. But a set of application requirements tailored to the recent graduate’s experience level isn’t enough to bring in the millennial skill set. Millennials want to work for companies with a clear vision and purpose, which is usually defined in a mission statement. When they’re working for a company that isn’t clearly communicating its vision or purpose, they’re 25% more likely to quit and find another employer. Holding a few meetings to draft up a formal vision or mission statement is well worth its value in both attracting new talent and reducing turnover of current employers.


Highlight Technology Use

Finally, highlight any ways that your field and office teams are using cutting-edge technology in your construction job postings. From 3D modeling and energy use predictions for the design phase to VR goggles and automated equipment on the worksite, there are plenty of ways to show off how your company is tech savvy. Even just the use of planning and document sharing apps can help attract skilled contractors who want to work on productive and efficient job sites.


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With these tips for hiring in construction, you should be prepared to attract some of the most talented construction workers in your area and sector. Whether your company specializes in commercial, residential, or infrastructure projects, you can find the skilled labor you need at iHireConstruction.

By iHire | August 07, 2019